Monday, 7 December 2015


Love itTeks: Murni Zuriati

My sister Naura Auni was looking for an energy booster through shopping which needed me as accompany.  So we went to Chanel Boutique KLCC.  Tanpa niat untuk membeli saya bertanya tentang The New Chanel Tricolour.  Namun sayangnya, the edition belum sampai lagi di Malaysia.  So, we just took a look on what they had on the rack. 

Dalam setengah jam kemudian, sales person tu beritahu, stok baru sampai.... And lucky us, we could view the limited, freshly arrived Chanel Tricolour!!! We were so excited but back to the early intention, not to buy anything, we went back home without buying anything.  

Tapi balik rumah, kami tak boleh tidur.  We couldn't stop thinking about the bags.  So we got back to the boutique the next day and grabbed it! "If u can't stop thinking about it, buy it!"

This is the bag that I couldn't help myself not to buy it! 

Let's have a close up 

Love it to the max!!!!

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