Saturday, 29 August 2015


Teks: Murni Zuriati 

My first Chanel was the black Classic Jumbo Caviar handbag.  The moment I put it on my shoulder, I felt that I've become another person.  I could feel a new version of me with greater energy. 

Berkenan pada beg tangan saya, CDM Naura Auni dan mentor saya CDM Norazlin Nordin pun nak juga memiliki beg tangan Chanel. So, when we were in Vienna, we went to Chanel boutique to get their first Chanel.  Stocks were quite limited at that time and there was not much choice.  Naura Auni grabbed a black Medium Classic Lambskin Chanel and CDM Norazlin bought a sexy red maxi classic lambskin handbag for themselves.  Me, who was intended to only accompany, eventually get one for myself. 

It's a red Chanel Boy in calf skin with unique grey hardware!!! OMG! I just couldn't take my eyes off it.  Once I looked at myself in the mirror carrying the  red baby, I straight away said, "I take this!"

Here she is...!!! So beautiful and sexy.  I am sharing pictures of her at day 1 in my hands for whoever loves Chanel as well. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Teks: Murnizuriati

30 Julai 2015.... She turns 1. Alhamdulillah atas nikmat Allah dapat melihat beliau membesar, dapat memanjakannya, mencukupkannya dan melindunginya.  Rasa seperti baru semalam beliau melengkapkan keluarga kami.  Sungguh masa itu pantas berlalu... 

She is so lovable as there are 2 special celebrations for her.  Just 5 of us and Acu at home and at Mak We's place.

First celebration on the date 

Tiada majlis khas untuk meraikan beliau di rumah.  We just prepared our happy moment together at home, where loads of love spread.  Mummy baked special choc fudge cake as her first birthday cake which was my first own baked cake as well! 

Daddy and abang-abang preared partying stuffs and we are ready to party!!!  Here are some nice photos of our party.

Second celebration at Mak We's place

1 Ogos, right after closing, kami terus terbang ke KL.  Uniknya, dengan berbaju raya....

Mak We, Husna Mohd held a raya open house.  So she decided to throw another small birthday celebration for Medyna.  Tak semua family members (my side) ada, namun tetap meriah.  Ada atuk, Mak We, Mak Long dan Mak Long.  Ada juga keluarga pak cik kami yang turut membacakan dia selamat untuk Medyna.  Everybody loves Medyna n i bet she can feel that.